In an ever increasing competitive market, being able to differentiate yourself from another agent is pivotal. Photographing and videoing property with a drone allows potential buyers to see exactly what they are getting. Often, ground-based photography and video are unable to emulate drone photography, simply because the drone can create so many different angles. For large dwellings with sizeable grounds, photographs videos from a drone can give the vendor that “wow” shot of their home.

We can work on all types of building, residential and commercial, including offices, retail parks, shopping centres, industrial estates, factories, and farms.

If you’re looking for EPC, floor pans or 3D floor plans of the inside of a building then we work closely with DC property photography, please contact them directly if you’re not looking for drone footage. If you’re looking for drone footage then we can liaise with them on your behalf.

If you’re in Cambridgeshire or a neighbouring county and would like a video of your estate, or an estate you’re trying to sell please contact us using the contact form.


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