Aerial Imagery Solutions (AIS) strive to be innovative and find solutions for you. There is a huge variety in the types of work we can do with drones, some of these are listed below but we’re here to help so if you have a problem and think a drone could be the solution please contact us.



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Charity work

We’re also keen on charity work. Our company director volunteers for ‘Team Rubicon’, a disaster response charity that deploys worldwide and often at short notice. If you run a charity and think our drone work could benefit you please contact us and we’ll do all we can to help.



You can hire our drone services at very competitive rates. We can provide aerial photography and filming up to 400ft high using our licenced drone systems.

The rates below are for a single operator and include Public Liability Insurance.

  • Short Visit: £150.00
  • Half Day: £300.00
  • Full Day: £500.00

Large video projects may also require large amounts of editing offsite, this is charged at a lower rate.

Specialist work
  • Agricultural mapping: £1500-£2000
  • 3D mapping starting price: £300.00

Travel costs beyond 20 miles are not included in this and are set at 45p per mile. Overnight/hotel costs are unlikely but will be discussed before a quote is given.

We’re here to provide solutions, please email, call us or use the contact form and let’s work together to find one.