We might be a small company but our experience in Japan as judo players and coaches has led us to strongly believe in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

CSR is a business approach that contributes to sustainable development by delivering economic, social and environmental benefits for all stakeholders. Although we’re small we want to do our part, using our expertise where possible.


Athlete Sponsorship

Our director has a PhD in sport and exercise sciences, he is a high-performance coach and has many years of coaching experience. As we grow bigger and more sustainable we aim to sponsor athletes. As a small startup, right now this isn’t feasible but if you’re an athlete and you would like help then maybe we can help in other ways. Either our director or one of the team (almost all of the team have a degree in sport) might be able to help with coaching ideas, preriodised plans, performance analysis, strength and conditioning are all areas where we have expertise.  We will try and help, for free, when we can but we might not be able to help everyone.


We don’t really have any projects in mind in this area at the moment but if you have an idea to help the environment and you think drones could help, please let us know.

Charity work

Our director works for a charity called ‘Team Rubicon” where he is a ‘greyshirt’, this is a volunteer who makes themselves available to deploy anywhere in the world to support disaster relief. In 2018 he deployed to Lombok after the devastating earthquake.

If you’re a charity and you think we might be able to help with drone support on a project then please let us know. If we have the capacity we’ll help.